Work Learn 2015

A Workshop Connecting Collaborative & Crowd Work with Online Education at CSCW 2015


Contact: Joseph Jay Williams, HarvardX
Markus Krause, Leibniz University
Praveen Paritosh, Google
Jacob Whitehill, HarvardX
Justin Reich,HarvardX
Juho Kim, MIT
Piotr Mitros, edX
Neil Heffernan, Worcester Polytechnic Institute


Human behavior increasingly involves digital online software, where the activities and resources that support (1) learning, (2) work, and (3) collaboration overlap and are placed in far greater proximity than the physical world - often just a tab or window away. What scientific and practical gains in 21st century learning, work, and collaboration can be achieved by integrating and contrasting these three areas' relevant technologies, scientific communities, and industry practitioners?

For example: How can software for collaborative work incorporate learning? Which methods are effective for coordinating diverse experts to iteratively improve online educational resources? How can online learning improve the skill set and labor force for crowd work? The workshop tackles such questions by bringing together participants from industry (e.g., platforms similar to Odesk, MechanicalTurk); education, psychology, & MOOCs (e.g., attendees of AERA, EDM, AIED, Learning at Scale); crowdsourcing and collaborative work (e.g. attendees of CHI, CSCW, AAAI's HCOMP).

Workshop website: